Wonder – The first step to reality

Wonder – The first step to reality

When anyone spoke about wonder, I often felt this was more a domain for writers and filmmakers as fiction writing/film making requires them to step outside the real world and wonder and stretch the boundaries of their imagination to create fascinating stories for us.


Recently I came across this amazing post on Facebook – “Being Human” by Naima Penniman. Viewing this video post, I realised how one can use their wonder to pen down the reality of life or the infinite blessings we are showered with.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=search&v=4132700003506448&external_log_id=44998232-948d-4452-a1a5-751ba7347636&q=ted%20being%20human%20by%20naima%20penniman


Wonder is often beyond logic and reasoning. One who can imagine the wonders of everything we are blessed and endowed with begins to see life in a completely different perspective. Wonder dissolves the Ego within ourselves and makes us just like a child from within. Only if we wonder, can we take the first step towards reality.


In this stunning spoken-word performance, poet and “freedom-forging futurist” Naima Penniman celebrates the wonders of the natural world and humanity’s connection to it.


I recall Rene Descartes quote here – “ Wonder is the first of all passions.” As parents and teachers let’s endeavour to keep the ‘wonder alive’ in our children.