principal’s message

principal’s message


Dear Students and Parents,

Greetings to all of you.

The start of a new school year is like being at cosmic crossroads, as it challenges us to take courageous and definite steps in tandem with our tenacious dream here at MBIS; to give our students opportunities for a bright and successful future. With this sense of responsibility, it will be our constant endeavour to provide an educational system that empowers students with skills that enable them to be significant and core participants in a constantly evolving world.

Dreams give rise to hope. Hope inspires effort. Efforts result in success.

Since education is a combined effort of dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents, let us all collaborate and imbibe the right attitude to achieve excellence. We must all concentrate on the processes that spur continuing advancement; evaluating what we have, determining what we can do to improve and identifying what is needed to make all the difference.

It is our attitude and not our aptitude that will determine our altitude.

Our enthusiastic staff and proactive parents thus become a formidable force in the never-ending search to create the best ambience and help empower our students to unleash their potential

Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly!

With this as our beacon, let us make this year our best year!

Dr Padmajaa S Kutty