AS & A Levels Programme


At MBIS, we follow the enriching Cambridge International AS/A Level curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the learners to help them focus and harbour their theoretical and practical knowledge in a way that is insightful and aligned with the real world perspective. Over 4,60,000 learners across 147 countries opt for this programme every year. It is widely recognised as a gold standard qualification with its emphasis on in-depth knowledge, deep understanding and development of strong reasoning abilities within the learners.


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

At the core of our teaching-learning practices at MBIS lies the holistic development of each learner through building academic rigour as well as fostering global-awareness, cultural sensitivity, socio-emotional wellbeing and all-round progress of the learner.

Learners are encouraged to think critically and arrive at sustainable solutions to complex problems. We lay special emphasis on learning through contextual scenarios and solving real-world problems. We train and encourage learners to use research tools and interpret statistical data and use the same to make evidence-based decisions.

Moreover, through the curriculum learners develop the necessary soft skills to excel in an ever-advancing world. They learn to work in groups, lead projects, interpersonal communication and field-specific operational jargon. Learners are not presented with ready-made answers but rather encouraged to use their skills and knowledge to arrive at solutions. They assess their own performance before the teacher does, to build a muscle for reflection and self-regulated learning.


“Choices are abundant, it is the right decision which is the rare one!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

The Program offers a globally recognised certification that opens up opportunities in the top universities for college education. At MBIS, we offer the February/March Series Examination. This timeline takes into consideration the Indian context as it enables students to prepare and appear for entrance tests for various undergraduate courses in India. The Board also offers the option of Staged Assessment for AS/A Levels – This implies that students can appear for one board exam at the end of Grade 11 (AS Level that covers 50% of the syllabus). The remaining 50% (A2 level) is given at the end of Grade 12. This allows learners to engage with the rigorous curriculum at a relaxed pace (as they prepare and appear for part of the syllabus and not the entire syllabus at one time) and is well recognised and accepted by colleges/universities in India and overseas. Moreover, students can focus on the subjects that are of interest to them and which they are passionate about, depending on the depth at which they want to pursue the subject at university level.

What sets us apart?

The A Level programme at MBIS is unique in more ways than one. We are a boutique school that fosters a personalised environment for the learners.

  • Enriching Curriculum:
    Learners engage critically with complex problems and develop the skills and mindsets necessary for academic excellence. The curriculum will serve as a gateway to globally recognised universities and organisations.
  • Subject Preference:
    We provide flexibility of choice for the learner to opt from a wide range of subjects of their interest and encourage them to pursue their passion.
  • Specialised Faculty:
    The experience and dedicated educators create a gentle and child-friendly environment that familiarises the learners with world class expertise. The various innovative and modern educational practices by our faculty equips the learner with holistic growth and helps build positive self-esteem.
  • Dip in A Level Programme:
    Learners are encouraged to take a sneak peek into classes before making a subject-choice tailored to their goals, interests and passion. This gives them an insight into the course requirements and assessment pattern and helps them evaluate the suitability of the subject for their career choices.
  • Assessment Cycle:
    Our assessment and evaluation pattern ensures that the learner receives consistent and relevant feedback at regular intervals to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Transferable Skills:
    Learners undergo practical simulations to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations so that they are well-equipped to transfer their skills to their relevant domain.
  • Multi-dimensional Growth:
    Learners are presented with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, inter-personal growth, global mindset through various curricular and extra-curricular programs such as:
    • EUMIND:
      A cross-cultural learning exchange program where students join hands with learners across the world to work on global issues to provide practical solutions.
    • Outreach:
      Learners engage with diverse problems at the grassroot level to provide sustainable solutions through community service.
    • Master Class:
      Learners are introduced to various topics that help them explore new avenues within financial understanding, social media, personality development and ideation.
    • Sports:
      Learners are introduced to an array of fitness related benefits induced within their curriculum through multidimensional and innovative sporting techniques.
    • University Meets:
      Learners are guided through various aspects of future prospects through inductions provided by university experts.
    • Field Trips:
      Learners are encouraged to go beyond their classroom knowledge to experience and explore different aspects of contemporary situations.
    • Leaders in the making:
      Learners are encouraged to compete and contest for various leadership positions within the student governing body that enhances the potential of their leadership prowess.
    • Examinations:
      We offer Feb/March Series at the A Level which makes it convenient for students to prepare for university entrance examinations that usually are conducted in May.


Learners are required to opt for a minimum of 4 subjects as part of the A Levels Programme. The subjects can be chosen from across groups or from a single group.

At MBIS, we offer the following subjects as part of the Cambridge International AS/A Level Programme:

Group 1 (Mathematics & Sciences)

  • Physics (9702)
  • Chemistry (9701)
  • Biology (9700)
  • Math (9709)
  • Information Technology (9626)
  • Computer Science ( 9618)

Group 3 (Arts & Humanities)

  • Economics (9708)
  • Business (9609)
  • Accounting (9706)
  • Psychology (9990)
  • Sociology (9699)
  • Art & Design ( 9479)

Group 4 (Interdisciplinary Subjects)

  • English General Paper (8021) [AS Level] (Mandatory subject that will be appeared in A Levels)

Our Alumni Placements

Kaplan Financial-UK
Rhein Waal University of Applied Science-Germany
Middlesex University
Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts-Pune
Sheridan College-Canada
Heriot-Watt University-Dubai
Brock University-Canada
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
SEGi University, Damansara, Malaysia
Whistling Woods International Film School-Mumbai etc
Mumbai University


  • Model United Nations
  • EUMIND (Europe meets India)
  • Regular city and inter-city school trips to enhance learning
  • Masterclass are conducted by professionals for senior students
  • TEDx Event
  • SEWA
  • University Meets
  • Slumber Party
  • Child safety commitee


Safety and security of students and staff are top priorities for MBIS.

We take the following measures to ensure safety and security at all times:

  • The entire campus is covered with CCTV cameras.
  • Arrivals and departures are manned by more than five staff members including heads of section and the principal.
  • The whole campus is secured by a professional agency.
  • Our washrooms are well-equipped and clean.
  • Classrooms are large and airy and are thoroughly swept and mopped every day.
  • We have a dedicated health centre with a doctor on call.
  • We have a refuge area for emergencies.

At MBIS, we aim to build a community of learners who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to navigate a rigourous curriculum, in turn preparing them to face the complexities of the real world. Our curriculum-delivery and pedagogical practices are designed to hone the innate strengths of each learner.


Coming from an ICSE background, AS Level was very new and different. The teachers made sure that my transition to this Board was smooth. They helped me throughout.

Vanessa D’Souza

It has been a very pleasant experience especially since I transferred mid term from another school and country. I have new friends. AS is a demanding curriculum as well as interesting. It will be useful for my career ahead.

Elizaveta Chekushina

The overall experience has been amazing. Learning has happened in a friendly environment. I have been pushed academically to go beyond my comfort zone so as to help me achieve my goals.

Khushi Tank

The AS Level curriculum offers in-depth learning of each subject. The facilities are good at MBIS, the teaching faculty are updated and welcoming. The overall experience has helped me create amazing memories.

Priyanshu Ranjan

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