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A Boutique Learning Experience


With international schools mushrooming all over the city of Mumbai, why do parents choose Mainadevi Bajaj International School? Set in a highly stimulating environment MBIS is guided by its five core values, making it a very unique proposition.

MBIS Core Values

#Learning @ 1: Through a rigorous process we identify the subject-wise strengths of each of our students and guide them in attaining the highest standards in the discipline of their choice

#Academics+: The education we offer is balanced and supported by a whole range of extra-curricular activities that are aligned with the curriculum and are conducted within the school day

#Every child First: We deliberately keep our class sizes small so that our teachers are able to cater to the needs of each and every child, irrespective of their learning styles and capabilities

#Open Door always: We pride ourselves on conducting our academic and co-curricular programme in partnership with our parents who is always welcome to meet our teachers as well as our senior leadership team.

High Happiness Quotient: ‘My child does not want to miss a single day of school,’ is a common experience that parents share. And why would it not be?

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