Since MBIS aims at providing high-quality experiential education to every child, the context within which learning occurs is of great significance. A classroom needs to be a happy and happening place.


At MBIS every classroom has a public address system, display and writing boards, interactive smart-boards, custom made furniture, a provision for broadband internet connection and air conditioning.


The physical environment is in keeping with the age group of the class it caters to. Lockers are provided to students of the senior school for storage of books and other learning material so that they don’t have to carry a heavy bag to school.


The classes are spacious so that there is enough room to move around and do group activities, play games and have fun as well learn without running into each other.


At MBIS, we believe that the library is an all-encompassing, forthcoming and proactive learning area. Most educational centres use their library for curriculum support, but that would limit its profile. Delivered effectively and used to its potential, the library can play a constructive role in moulding the personality of a student. Our librarian works closely with teachers on curriculum support, especially with the Unit of Inquiry. Presently we have a collection of over 9000 items which includes books, DVDs and other audio-visual material, flashcards etc. The collections include books for every age group in the appropriate formats from cloth books, board books, flap books, pop-up books catering to all age groups.


Practical work is the most important factor in the study of science. MBIS provides independent and very well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The laboratories are up-to-date, equipped with audiovisual teaching aids, learning kits and the best apparatus for conducting experiments as per the requirements for the International curriculums offered at the school. Each lab has a demonstration table with a workstation for the teacher, an interactive smartboard and an LCD projector.

Enough space to accommodate students at a stretch with an uncompromising adherence to safety specifications and they are well maintained to provide a hygienic environment for the students. All labs are equipped with customized furniture to enhance the learning experiences of our budding scientists.

Biology lab: has a unique collection of charts, 3D models, slides and specimens, microscopes, full-size skeleton to cater to the needs of the syllabus of each class.

Physics Lab: is fully equipped with all possible electrical equipments like ammeters, voltmeters, resistances, electrolytes, arrangement of curtains for experiments on light.

Chemistry Lab: has an attached preparation room where chemicals are stored and prepared for experiments. Eye goggles are used while performing experiments. A fume hood, spray for eyewash and shower is provided for the safety of the students.

ICT lab

Digital Literacy requires critical thinking skills, an awareness of the necessary standards of behaviour expected in online environments and an understanding of the shared social issues created by digital technologies.


The ICT lab is a multipurpose technology and collaborative workspace located at MBIS where we focus on developing the digital skills of our students through Basic Computer Literacy, the Ability to Backup, Experience of Online Project work and Social Networking skills.


In order to nurture the creativity of the students at an early age, we introduce ICT at the Junior KG level progressing up to Grade 12.


To make sure that the students are equipped with the right digital skills, every grade has a pre-defined ICT curriculum which the child has to master by the time she completes that academic year.


Knowledge of Basic and Advanced features of the Drawing Application, Document Production, Data Analysis, Data Manipulation, Presentations and Website Authoring are the key features of the Middle and High School curriculum.


Online research skills are crucial for students at the IBDP level. Besides understanding how to use search engines, identify legitimate resources, fact–check information and citing online sources in papers is emphasized through digital as well as social networking skills. After all, these virtual classroom etiquettes help the child beyond high school.


The MBIS ICT lab not only limits itself to the standard academic curriculum but also caters to the needs of the students who are interested in pursuing their Graphic Design Skills. We partner with ‘Giant Wheel’, which specializes in training students for Web Designing, 3D animation, Graphics and Visualization.


The lab is dedicated to meeting the teaching, learning and research needs of the staff and students for various academic activities like term-end culminations, Annual Day backdrops and sound editing, art festival presentations, teacher training programs and much more.

IB Lounge

MBIS has an air-conditioned lounge especially for IBDP students that is equipped with modern furniture and Wi-Fi connectivity. The lounge also serves as an extension counter of our Library as it is equipped with books that cater to IB diploma requirements.

Students can use this facility as and when they are not having any lectures as per their timetable. The space provides the most appropriate ambience to be engaged in independent learning. The library assistant is always present in the lounge.

Language Room

The Language Room is a multi-functional classroom that accommodates appropriate equipment, organized and easily accessible resources that satisfy the student’s diverse needs and interests and facilitate the teacher’s work.

It is useful as a mini-lab for listening and speaking activities as well as to record IOPs (Internal Oral Presentations).

Art Room

The Art Room at MBIS fosters the creative and intellectual development of the students through quality visual arts programs, facilitated by the arts faculty.


The art room drives each child to be curious and original in their work while they study a variety of Art forms such as 2d, 3d Art and installations by exploring mediums like acrylic, charcoal, water, dry pastels, oil pastels, pencil colouring, clay, wires, Papier Mache etc.


The periods in the Art Room offer each child a learning experience that teaches him or her to be a risk-taker, thinker, inquirer and a good communicator in a safe environment.


IBDP art syllabus taught in MBIS consists of 3 main linking areas such as Visual art in context, Methods and Communication. Students from IBDP art analyse artworks using various cultures and contexts. They explore a range of artists and artworks, using primary resources from art galleries, exhibitions. They are exposed to a wider range of techniques, materials and processes throughout the course, in order to complete their art pieces.


IGCSE art syllabus offered in MBIS is in two components – coursework and broad-based study. Students create a research-based portfolio on their chosen theme using primary resources and brainstorming their ideas and varieties of techniques.


With experienced teachers and relevant resources the Art room truly serves as a space to explore creativity at all levels.

Music and Dance Room

The music and dance programme at MBIS is developed to bring out the creativity in our students and make them independent learners. Dance and music lessons are conducted in a specially designed performance room with wooden flooring, mirrors and excellent equipment. The dance programme is conducted by the famed Shiamak Davar institute and the music programme encourages students to learn some instruments and focuses on voice lessons. Students acquire and consolidate a range of basic musical skills, knowledge and understanding, through the activities of listening, performing and composing. By studying music and dance, students become aware of how artists communicate by engaging, becoming informed, reflective and critical practitioners. Students develop perceptual and analytical skills by expressing ideas with confidence and competence, developing perceptual and analytical skills and developing their knowledge and potential as musicians, both personally and collaboratively. There is adequate scope for students to develop their own skillsets as well as learning to become part of a group of performers. Students are given ample scope to participate in competitions and performances throughout the year.

Play Area

The protective covering offered by rubberized flooring ensures that play areas remain clean, secure and dry, even during rain! Naturally, the covering protects in all forms of weather, stopping harmful UV rays and keeping kids cool during particularly sunny spells, or preventing rain or wind from wreaking havoc on teaching or playtime. As much as possible we offer free flow opportunities where the children can play outside during the session.


Play areas provide unique opportunities for children to interact and develop social skills. The Play area at Mainadevi Bajaj International School is equipped with swings, slides, merry-go-round, tunnels, trampoline and many other play types of equipment, the use of all these equipment is very helpful in the development of fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination etc.


P. D. Shah Sports Academy is a multisport academy covering an area of approximately 24,000 sq. feet. It has been built using artificial turf which has been imported from New Zealand. The facility is of an international standard which facilitates sports like basketball, volleyball, tennis, box cricket, football, skating etc. making it a new focal point of the Rajasthani Sammelan campus. The floodlights installed provide broadcast level illumination enabling a live broadcast.


The students use it during their school hours for physical exercise and sport. Post 3:00 pm various school team building activities for football, basketball and cricket are carried out.

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