TEDx at MBIS – `Simplified authentic story telling’

TEDx at MBIS – `Simplified authentic story telling’

CSR leader Ms Ruchi Khemka, one of the speakers at the TEDx event at MBIS, being felicitated by RSET Trustee Ms Nishita Goenka.

This year we at MBIS have adopted a set of five core values to ensure an enriching and holistic educational experience for each child.

A range of novel initiatives has been planned to keep our core values in mind. The first of them being the recently held TEDx Youth Event. TEDx Talks are very popular in universities and colleges, but for schools, it is a relatively new domain. In May this year, we started the process with ted.com to get the license to host this TEDxYouth Event. Our rationale for organizing this event was to give our middle, secondary and high school students exposure to topics and ideas that are novel, ones that usually aren’t discussed in the classroom. The TEDx platform gives our students a chance to hear and get inspired by ideas/projects/topics from the people that created or executed them, in very different fields, thereby giving them different perspectives that can be applied within their own knowledge or experience.

Keeping the tagline of TED.com in mind – Ideas Worth Spreading, we invited speakers who are influencers in their own domain. Mr. Kapil Hetamsaria whose venture Velvet Case has received an award for being the #1 Jeweller e-commerce site in India inspired the students by urging them to find a big idea and to persevere with it. Ms. Ruchi Khemka one of the top CSR leaders in India gave the students an idea about the grim future of water in the world and urged them to adopt simple steps to improve water sustainability. Mr. Mayank Shekhar a renowned and leading film critic gave a panoramic picture of over 100 years of Bollywood from the silent black and white era of Dadasaheb Phalke to the high tech 3D and HD era of the Khans. Ms. Pavitra Shetty a techie turned standup comedian spoke inspiringly about `making it’ in a field and world dominated by men.

Each of the speakers spoke about issues that today’s youth need to think and reflect upon and our students were quite inspired by the talks. Shreya Anekla an IB Diploma Year 1student says, “The speakers from various walks of life gave us a clear insight on the most pressing issues of the current times. They motivated us to be the best version of ourselves and to contribute to society to the best of our abilities. This was a very resourceful session as it made us realise how to work for a better tomorrow.

Shagun Modi an IB Diploma Year 2 student says, “It was a very enlightening session with a lot of things I could take back home and left a lot of food for thought. Apart from that, it was a good dose of motivation especially when exams are around the corner.’’

Further, initiatives like TEDx also allow our students to imbibe our core values such as Learning @1 & Academics +.

These values make MBIS what it is – an amazing and happy school and I would like to thank and acknowledge the role played by our teachers, students and parents for making MBIS the school it is.

Would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous Diwali in advance!

Warm Regards

Husien Dohadwalla