Reflections on the IB Diploma Program

Reflections on the IB Diploma Program

Passing Grade 10 often leaves one with a thrill of excitement. Why, you might ask, possibly thinking of words synonymous with relief. Well, one looks towards the various pathways they could embark upon for their high school journey, the next two years of their academic life and ultimately setting themselves up for a bright future at college or university. One such pathway is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, fairly well known as the IBDP.

To be quite candid, the IBDP is a challenging program, yet I found it to be immensely rewarding and enriching. Hosting six subject groups, this program offers an in-depth understanding of each and every course, as well as prompts the development of a problem-solving attitude towards life. A stark contrast from vague memorization, IB courses (subjects) offer knowledge that goes beyond textbooks and leans towards practicality. This practicality, this personal connection, ignites a passion in students, to go beyond the syllabus, to seek knowledge and to research what sparks their thoughts. If there could be one word, to sum up, the previous statement, it would be freedom. The fact that within this academic program, students can take on projects (that the IB terms as Internal Assessments) in each subject and pursue what excites them. One other such assignment is the Extended Essay, which appears to be the most daunting part of the program yet with its challenge, it brings with it research skills, critical thinking and analytical techniques, all of which are incredibly important throughout life.

If you asked any IB Diploma student to describe the program, rigorous is definitely one adjective to be mentioned. Yet they would go on to explain how stimulating it is, how it shapes you to be better, chase after your goals and gain certain confidence. The manner in which the entire program is structured helps at honing life skills in students such as time management, prioritizing events, and the overall organization of knowledge in one’s mind.

Of course, academics are crucial to any high school program as we’ve discussed earlier, however, the IBDP brings experience into the scenario as well through what is called CAS. This stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service. All three being a key part of making a student well-rounded. Students are given the freedom to develop/hone in on their interests, whether it be co-curricular or giving back to their community. Furthermore, the IB Diploma is recognised as a globally accepted high school qualification, opening opportunities for students locally (in India) or overseas.

On a more personal note, being a part of this program teaches one to voice their thoughts, to understand that a balance needs to be created between academic and social life as well as comprehend how to implicate this responsibility in themselves. In my opinion, the life skills that the IBDP helps shape within students is amazing. Having seen these changes in myself, I am glad that I chose this program.

As I have probably well-established by now, the IBDP is by no means an easy program. However, doing it at a school, such as Mainadevi Bajaj International School (MBIS), with supportive teachers, academic coordinators who are overall well equipped to teach and guide you through this program is of course pivotal to succeeding. I, myself an alumna of MBIS and graduated this year (Class of 2021). My two years of IBDP at this school were nothing short of extraordinary. I grew both academically and as a person during the course of this program under the tutelage of supportive, patient and encouraging teachers. I can confidently say that the teachers here at MBIS and the environment created, are some of the many reasons for me succeeding in this program. I never faltered in terms of questioning if I could make it through this program. Being a part of the pandemic batch, I can even more confidently re-iterate this statement from the astounding results from myself and my peers this year.

The IBDP is a life-changing program, one I would recommend students entering high school take. It may seem daunting at first, but the rewards you will reap throughout this program and for the rest of your life will make you grateful you decided to take.

Kajol Dewnani
MBIS IB Diploma Class of 2021