Casting a vote isn’t about elections, it’s about generations that shape tomorrow. While we debate on who forms the new government in the coming month, we, at

Mainadevi Bajaj International School decided to go a notch above & conduct an election of our own. As every election is determined by the people who show up, children from Nursery to Grade 6 poured in numbers to participate in the event.

The event had all the frills, the trimmings, the noise and the hullabaloo of a real election. Creative posters covered almost all the walls drawing attention towards a unique selection of candidates. The candidates were nothing but a bunch of games & hobbies that were branded as popular & preferred by all.

A vast array of frivolous events was laid out for the students that day. For starters, the kids tried out their hand at basketball by shooting at the basket in our outdoor arena. Later, they grooved to different tunes in our dance room and enjoyed some craftwork as well as sand art and abstract painting in our art room. In the classroom, there was a cooking activity followed by crossword solving organized for them. We had something in store for all & hence, for the little ones, there was a fishing activity as well as a snakes and ladders game set up.

Returning to the voting aspect, the children loved all the activities so much that they found it difficult to make up their minds as to which one deserves their vote. Once the campaign got over & the kids had chosen their favourite candidate, they were directed to the voting booth where they were provided with a ballot paper. They stamped their choice, put their ballot paper in a ballot box and were rewarded with an ink mark on their index finger – just like an actual election.

The students & their parents left the venue with sparkling eyes, having taken away much more than what they had in mind. “Let’s do it again,’’