Music Activity – Primary Grades 3 to 5

Music Activity – Primary Grades 3 to 5

Music is all around us. It is created not only with musical instruments. It exists in the pitter-patter of the rain, songs of the birds, and in a child’s laughter. At MBIS, we decided to let students from Grades 3 to 5 make music without instruments and so had a ‘Creative Non-Instrumental Music Activity’ week, in the last week of November, wherein students chose bottles, buckets, pens, tables, pots, pans etc. and orchestrated a harmonious symphony. The creativity of the learners was enthralling and this allowed them to explore a new dimension to the music. Their interest in music was a driving factor that made this event a success.

Aanya Shah


Alain Dhuka


Diya Agarwal


Revant Shetty


Rudrani Lad


Sana Salunke