MBIS – Boutique Learning experience

MBIS – Boutique Learning experience

How does MBIS’s boutique learning experience work?

To start with, let us first understand the concept of a “boutique” school. A Boutique school essentially offers smaller class sizes with a special focus on a personalised learning process. 

As a leading Cambridge board school in Malad, we believe each student is a bundle of immense potential ready to soar high and touch the sky if nurtured and channelized in the right direction.  This process of nurturing and channelizing is the key task, as it involves first identifying each student’s learning style and then charting an individualised learning curve unique to each student.  This herculean task is only possible with small class sizes.  

To ensure this seamless flow of boutique learning experience, we at MBIS plan and implement a perfect mix of standard methods of teaching as well as add various differentiation techniques in the teaching-learning process. The results of this approach have been phenomenal. Over the years, we have observed that this kind of approach not only stimulates the students’ overall growth but also enables them to approach the process of learning in a happier way: which further fulfils one of our core values of the “happiness quotient”. 

Further, the boutique learning experience at MBIS, not only involves the students and the teachers but an equally important role is played by the parents as well. Parents are regularly updated about the child’s progress if need be meetings are held and a step further of guiding the parents as to how they can be a part of this process and help their child at home is also done. Involving the parent community further strengthens the bond and in turn, ensures a holistic approach towards learning.

As rightly said, “Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast with the change”- This change in boutique learning experience has revolutionised the way we approach education and learning -from standard teaching techniques to personalised learning experiences, from large class size to smaller class size, from standard methods of imparting knowledge to a more student-centric approach, we at MBIS endeavour to set a stimulating learning environment for our students. As one of the Top International School in Malad, we are committed to providing our students with a high-quality education that prepares them for success in the 21st century.


  • Why is learning experience important?

Every student has a different way of grasping knowledge and what works for one student might not work for the other. Hence it is crucial to focus on improving your learning experience by making learning fun and easy for everyone to understand.

  • What does mean to boutique school?

Boutique school means nothing but a way of personalised learning for a smaller group of students. This focuses more on the quality of teaching and less on the number of students. The major aim of such a school is to ensure an impactful learning experience.