Know more about the Different School Boards 

Know more about the Different School Boards 

Every parent has aspirations for his/ her child to be a skilled and confident communicator, an innovative entrepreneur and a thinker who has out-of-the-box solutions for problems. In short, to be future-ready for a career of his choice. 

I am often asked this question – “ Which board is good …. Which board will enhance my child’s personality and get him ready for the real world with its many challenges. 

My response is the same over the years. Choose a school rather than a board …!! Even some national schools are doing a good job and so are some international schools. 

With the NEP implementation we will be raising the standard across schools . 

The main boards in India are State Boards, national boards like CBSE and CISCE and international boards like CAIE and IB which are very popular . 

The main USPs are not curriculum of international boards School but the following : 

– small class sizes 

– teacher-student ratio is small 

– ongoing professional development 

– teaching and learning strategies

– better resourced 

– inquiry driven teaching and learning 

– self and peer assessment 

– lifelong learning 

Let’s understand with a few examples – 

  1. The teaching and learning are sometimes gamified to make learning fun using tech tools like Kahoot, pear deck, augmented reality etc 
  2. The curriculum is taught through experiential learning 
  3. Field trips to understand abstract concepts through observation and discovery 
  4. Students analyse and apply the concepts taught 
  5. Skills are enhanced to make students future ready 
  6. Group dynamics in a classroom help in developing  collaboration and team building 
  7. The main pivot in these boards is on applied knowledge and not on rote memorisation 

Thus the content in all boards is age specific but the differentiator is the way this content is taught   If you are aiming to send your child overseas after grade 12, the international qualifications are widely accepted. 

The International Board Schools develop thinking and problem-solving skills, and analytic skills, celebrate diversity and aim at imbibing international mindedness with an Indian ethos. MBIS is one of the best IGCSE schools in Malad that offers the Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE). 

Thus the way forward for parents is to choose wisely and interact with different schools and find the right fit for their child and their family aspirations and budgets. Understand their child’s potential and interests and visit the schools in your vicinity to understand what each has to offer to enrich your child’s learning journey and his dreams and aspirations.