IB Diploma Programme at MBIS

IB Diploma Programme at MBIS

Alumni are important stakeholders at MBIS. They are often great role models for our current students and can offer invaluable advice to help students in navigating through their academics and even university choices.


As part of this blog, I interviewed one of our MBIS ex-students – Ms Deesha Salian to know more about her experience with the IB Program at MBIS and her learnings through the same.


How was your experience with MBIS?

“My experience at MBIS was great. I spent five years here (joined in Class 8). I came from a national curriculum board and the international program at MBIS opened my eyes to different possibilities that existed and how IB can, with the correct help from the faculty, truly help nurture and hone your skill sets and also develop you into a more well-rounded individual. The IB program also helped me in self-reflecting (in terms of areas/skills I needed to develop to succeed).


How was IB Diploma for you at MBIS?

It was during the IB program where I realised which specific areas I needed to work on. Honestly, IB at MBIS was a life-changing experience, because the differences between my friends who haven’t done IB and myself are very evident – as I began my undergraduate degree program these differences could be easily gauged by our teachers as well – our analytical, critical thinking skill sets were far better developed compared to students who didn’t do this program.


Another part that I really liked about the IB and why I recommend the program at MBIS is the flexibility in terms of the academic subject choices the school provides. This allows students with different aspirations to pursue the program and get set on their path to their dream university.


How has IB at MBIS including the subjects you studied helped you in the course you’re currently pursuing at university?

I’m pursuing Psychology and from MBIS (an international school with IB), I went to a private university.  The application-based approach of subjects in IB (Economics/Psychology) helped me in understanding the subject in a more nuanced manner and also helped in me selecting this subject as my major.


The IB Program @ MBIS also made me a multi-tasker. My college deadlines are demanding, but having handled multiple internal projects/assignments/essays in IB I am more than capable of managing my college deadlines.


In conclusion, are you glad that you chose to do IB at MBIS or IB in general?

This question brings me to my graduation day at MBIS – when I was sharing my experiences with my teachers, peers and the school community. As I had mentioned in my graduation speech – my IB experience was a roller coaster ride – a myriad of emotions – but a thrilling experience. I learnt so much – a lot more than subject my six subjects. I learnt to manage time, learn to set goals and targets for myself. In a nutshell, the IB Program at MBIS helped me develop key life skills which are helping me till this very day and am sure will continue to do so even in future. The CAS component helped me to step outside my comfort zone and try out things I had never done. Overall, the IB program at MBIS helped me flourish and become who I am today. I remain grateful to all my teachers for all their support during my journey at MBIS.


Devishi Audich

Head Girl