Holistic Development of students

Holistic Development of students

In this fast paced world, where everything is undergoing a change, it is crucial to inculcate education that not only focuses on making our generations intelligent, but aspires on developing them holistically.

MBIS gives wings to the students so that they can be future leaders. They are moulded to become empathetic individuals who can contribute to the world in their own unique ways.

The teachers of the school help in identifying the hidden talent of each learner and mould the talents so that the students can reach a pedestal in different facets and areas

Holistic development at MBIS helps the students to become:

  • future- ready
  • empathetic individuals
  • understanding citizens
  • critical thinkers
  • collaborators
  • logical 
  • interactive
  • social
  • confident
  • creative
  • engaged
  • intellectual
  • multi- cultural

By honing in to a child’s passion, learning opportunities are created by the school so that each child feels special and important. Learners are taught with activity in hand so that the concepts remain embedded in their lives.

Learners at MBIS are motivated to grow socially and emotionally. Social-emotional development involves the development of a child’s emotional wellbeing, identity, independence, cooperation and interaction skills. The child is nurtured to value each and every relation in their lives.

It is rightly said that, ‘A healthy mind stays in a healthy body’. Physical development is as important as mental and social development and thus a child’s fine motor and gross motor skills are developed through holistic development.

MBIS, which is one of the Best Cambridge Schools in Mumbai, also provides a platform for multi linguistic development. The curriculum includes languages like English, French, Hindi and Marathi. This exposure not only helps a child to speak multi linguistically but also helps them to get an exposure of different cultures.

Thus, at MBIS students grow up to become self- motivated individuals who have an earnest desire to grow and develop each day. They develop and have an overall growth of their transversal skills.