Fun Math Activities at MBIS

Fun Math Activities at MBIS

At Mainadevi Bajaj International School our main aim is to make learning fun. Mathematics is integrated with different subjects and applied to real-life situations using hands-on activities. We believe in following a transdisciplinary approach to creating holistic development in our students. The integration of math into other subjects makes students think about the real world, which is the core of our learning process. It gives a practical approach to learning math and using it in our day-to-day life. 

In today’s world, the young generation is very tech-savvy, and we use this skill to make math fun. Students are exposed to websites like ‘Math Playground’, Kahoot, ‘Splash learn’ etc. They play these time-bound games and quizzes, which makes them competitive, enables them to calculate faster, and creates enthusiasm while they break their own records and surpass their own scores. 

Young students are very energetic. They like playing games, running, jumping, hopping etc. In one of the Math activities, the teacher placed random number stickers on the floor. She then asked the students to jump on numbers in counts of 2s/ 3s/ 4s and so on. The students of Grade 2 learned to skip counting while hopping over the numbers. 

A huge number line with positive and negative numbers was made and placed on the floor. The students ran from positive to negative numbers and vice versa on the number line while calculating integers. 

I saw wonder in their eyes when I connected the Science, and math topics together. In science class, the students were learning about a healthy diet. We made a big chart of different food items. Every student ticked under their favourite food item. We used this data to find the percentage of healthy foods consumed to that of unhealthy foods. Later, the students were asked to convert the percentage into fractions, and then into decimals. 

Learning Math in a fun way, not only enables the students to understand the concepts better, but it also drives the fear of Math away. Our focus is to use non-traditional ways while teaching math and getting our students excited about it. As a result, MBIS has earned the distinction of being one of the best international schools in Malad.