MBIS school achievements and awards

MBIS school achievements and awards

The Awards & Achievements received by our school has enriched the glory of the school It also motivated and inspired us to work with greater dedication to explore and excel in all areas of education to make MBIS the Best International School in Mumbai. The highlights of our awards are as follows:

  • APOLLO TYRES CUP FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT 2022: MBIS Under 16 Boys’ Team were felicitated with the Best Promising Team Trophy

MBIS was ranked the Top School with International Curriculum for 3 consecutive years.

  • TIMES EDUCATION ICON 2021, 2020,2019:

MBIS was ranked the Top School with International Curriculum for 3 consecutive years- First in Zone D and 5th in Mumbai


MBIS Under 16 Girls’ team was the Runners Up.

  • HABITAT FOR HUMANITY 2020-21: MBIS was recognised for raising funds to build better sanitation in schools across the country.
  • HABITAT FOR HUMANITY 2019-20 : MBIS was felicitated for their substantial contribution in supporting vulnerable and marginalised families in need across India.
  • EDUCATION TODAY: 2018-19 and 2017-18

MBIS was ranked among the Top 20 International Schools of Mumbai for exemplary contribution in the field of education for two consecutive years.

RANKED 17 in Mumbai and 20 in Maharashtra.

  • HEALTHIEST SCHOOL AWARD 2018-19 : MBIS was the recipient of this award for consistently emphasising the importance of age/old adage ‘Health is Wealth’ and taking measures to implement Healthy Practices in the school to encourage positive well being of the students.
  • STAY FIT –APPRECIATION AWARD BY DISNEY in recognition of your participation in the healthy initiative conducted by Disney Channel and collectively spreading the message of Health and Happiness.

MBIS was felicitated for actively participating and driving the Peer Learning Project with Government High School.

  • MISA RUNNERS UP TROPHY : MBIS bagged the Runners Up trophy at Members of International Schools Association [MISA] Sports Meet.
  • KOOH SPORTS RUNNERS UP TROPHY 2017-18 and 2016-17

MBIS bagged the Annual Championship at the Sports Fanatics- Football Season 1.

  • NATIONAL FINANCE OLYMPIAD Award 2016-17 for exemplary performance and successful participation.
  • KIDS for TIGERS Award 2016-17 was bestowed on MBIS for playing an active role in saving Tigers and the Environment.
  • MSSA [Mumbai School Sports Association] presented a Certificate as a token of appreciation to MBIS in appreciation of immense support in promoting School Sports and participation in MSSA.

Habits that will help your child during school days

Habits that will help your child during school days


Habits that will help your child during school days

Your child need not be someone having a high IQ to succeed in life especially during his school days; Yes, he needs to develop the right habits to be successful. Habits that can be so easily developed if you so decide to help him or her to do so.

One of the most important habits is the “Reading Habit.” Babies as young as 6 months when read to by parents, tend to become voracious readers as they grow.Beginning early is important because the roots of language are developing in a baby’s brain even before he  or she can talk and the more words your baby hears over time, the more words he or she will learn.

Reading simple stories catch their attention. Books with big, colorful pictures especially with animals and other familiar things have been found to interest little ones who are yet to learn to read by themselves.

Reading Time turns to We Time; we, as in- the parent and the child. ‘We time’ is as important as ‘Me time’ for the emotional development of the child. Today ’EQ’ is as important as ‘IQ’. One’s emotional intelligence and social intelligence are much greater determinants of the success one will achieve in life.Spending quality time reading and talking to your child, gives the child the feeling of being loved and being wanted thereby instilling a sense of security which in turn helps develop the child’s self-confidence.

Asking questions, where your child can point out to the picture as the answer, when the spoken language is not completely developed or answering in one word will pave the way for developing listening skills an important aspect of learning.


By the age of two you can ask the five ‘W’ questions- what, when, where, why and who (a few thinking questions) and even relate it to your child’s day. If you are reading at night and the story character was playing you can connect the same and ask your child ‘What did you do this evening or What games did you play today?’

When the child is admitted to nursery, these skills will make it easier for him or her to adapt to the school environment.

Making connections between the book and your child’s daily activities will foster healthy bonding between the parent and the child. By three years of age your tiny tot may even repeat the story looking at the pictures. Doing this develops memory skills another important aspect that will help your child to be successful at school. Don’t be surprised if your little one has favorite story that he or she would want you to read over and over again. At the end of Senior KG your child will now be able to read simple story books with one or two lines on each page.

As your child graduates to Grade 1 and enters the Primary section this habit of having a fixed time and place for reading will slowly translate to sitting in a fixed place at a fixed time to revise the work done in class or to do homework. This study habit- is another habit that needs to be inculcated right from the start for a successful school life. More about ‘Study Habits’ in our next blog… Till then have a ‘Happy Reading We Time’ with your child.





Term End Exams

IBDP Board Exams

Grade 9 Dip-in and Orientation


Sports Achievements

Sports Achievements

Navisha Muleva of SR. Kg participated in the Under 6  Girl’s category- 4th Aamchi Mumbai Roller Skating Championship, held at OES International School and  won 2nd  position in both short and long races.

Dhwaj Savla of Grade 2 won the 1st  position in the long race-600 mtr and 2nd position in the short race- 400 mtr: -Rink race in the First Open State Speed Skating Championship, organized by Team Speed International and Team Speed Roller Skating Club

IGCSE Results

IGCSE Results

Our current batch of IGCSE students achieved excellent results in the March 2022 exam series. Highlights 
of our school’s IGCSE Results are appended below: 
Our IGCSE Toppers:

1st Topper – Vansh Lathiya secured 94.66% 

2nd Topper – Thirukumaran Veleyudham secured 92.20%

3rd Topper – Vansh Agarwal secured 87.57% 

Out of 49 subject entries, in 21 entries our students have secured Grade A*/ A (thus 43% of all grades achieved are A*/ A – the highest grade attainable).The overall average percentage for MBIS for this exam series is 80%.


Grade 10 & 12 Graduation

Grade 10 & 12 Graduation

Graduation is a ceremony that sets flight to dreams that have been nurtured over years in the minds of students. As the students of Grade 10 and 12, came together with their batch mates, recollecting memories they have formed over the years. Standing tall with their academic and cultural accolades they withheld every obstacle in their way ahead. Graduation day will be an etched memory in their minds. With all these memories culminating, the Farewell celebration masked with dance and laughter bid adieu to our graduating batch of 2021-22.

Music Fest

Music Fest

It is truly said that, ‘Music shouldn’t be just a tune, it should be a touch’ and the primary students of MBIS touched the hearts of the audience on 6th May, Friday with their melodious voices. Parents were left with happy tears after seeing their children on stage after 2 long years to celebrate Music Fest. They sang mellifluously and presented a heart throbbing and foot tapping percussion. The students also surprised their mothers by dedicating them songs on the approaching occasion of Mother’s Day