Thousands of learners worldwide gain places at leading universities every year with Cambridge International AS & A Levels. Teamed with the right choice of subjects,the A level curriculum can play a big role in helping students discover new interests, advance their strengths, prepare for university and pursue specific career paths.The subjects that the students choose at A levels have an influence on their life and career ahead. To know the exact trajectory of one’s career path one needs to make the correct first decision in taking subjects that will build into both future education as well as a future vocation

MBIS is the destination that meets all the above mentioned.

MBIS one of the Best A Levels School in Mumbai, offers a bright future for your child through holistic education, innovative techniques, and experiential learning. Their curriculum empowers students to think critically, voice opinions, and engage in discussions, fostering independent thinking.

The A levels syllabus at MBIS amalgamated with the flexibility in choice of subjects not only help develop a deep understanding of the curriculum but motivates independent thinking skills in students.

The options of Art and Design, Computer Science, Information Technology, Accounting, Business Studies , Psychology, Sociology gives students the power to choose from a wide range of options.

This flexibility not only helps furnish building blocks to build an individualised curriculum that not only develops their knowledge but also enhances their understanding and skills of application in new as well as familiar situations. Moreover, flexibility in choice of subjects help students engage in deeper, richer learning. Students display more on-task behavior. The learning environment becomes more collaborative, exhilarating the social and emotional learning of students.

Guidance to students based on the following is a pivotal part of mentoring at MBIS:

  1. Wide variety of subject choices
  2. Subjects of interest
  3. Possible career choices
  4. Innate strengths and proclivity towards science, arts, commerce or humanities
  5. The aspiration to undertake further education in India or overseas
  6. Possible roles and designations they hope to obtain in their professional career

We also adopt the approach that each child is unique, with their individual career dreams and ambitions, and process the same information in a way that is individualistic and innate. Thus we map the students’ personality, strengths, aptitude and future dreams and help students choose subjects that will not only elevate their performance but seamlessly take them to the career of their choice.

With our variety of subject choices and individualised learning patterns, we create self regulated learners who are empowered to make a difference.