Teacher Enrichment Program

Teacher Enrichment Program

On Friday 11th February 22 Ms Farzana Dohadwala conducted a Teacher Enrichment program for the entire staff of MBIS, wherein the topic was ‘Using drama in teaching and learning.’
In early years drama can be developed through role-play, singing along and through play. Using Drama in teaching and learning develops imagination and creativity. Creative students can think on their feet and generate new ideas. Drama also builds confidence in shy and introverted students.


It has been found that using drama in teaching and learning makes a lesson more active, engaging, interesting and more meaningful for students which enhances critical and creative thinking skills, helping students to create and formulate ideas and opinions of their own. Drama helps concentration as children are encouraged to listen to others’ thoughts and ideas and to take turns.


In conclusion she said using drama as a teaching strategy, teachers will be adopting the whole brain approach that will be the foundation of all future developments of multi-intelligence teaching approaches.