Student Council Election

In the pursuit of our Vision to Empower Lives, developing students with Leadership skills is our major objective. The Student Council is a stepping stone for harnessing and enhancing Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Management qualities and Discipline.

The Student Council formation was devised on the principle of ‘by the students, of the students, for the students’.

In view of this, the Student Council was enhanced for the AY 2022-23.

The Student Council comprised 30 candidates along with 3 CAS representatives. The elections for the  Student Council was conducted democratically on 29 July and consisted of a group of elected students of the school, representing from Grade 5 to Grade 12.Students across Grades 1 to 12 participated in the digital electoral process through the  e-ballot. Grade 5 members represented the Junior Student Council and Grades 6 to 12 represented the Senior Student Council.

Overall it was a good learning experience for students whilst they campaigned for themselves to reach the hearts of the voters. Slogans and posters adorned the walls of the school. The announcement of results is scheduled on 1 August and the Investiture ceremony will take place on 18 August.

We expect the Student Council members to lead by example and thus be a role model to other students.