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Grade3 - AOI -Stages of evolution of man

Evolution and change are indispensable and constant. Students of Grade 3 studied about the evolution of man in AOI…Read More

Jr.KG Literacy And Numeracy Activity

Jr.KG-Students learn their letters and identify the friends of the letter by doing an Ice cream activity…Read More

Secondary Language Fest

English Language Fest for the secondary section was held on 7th and 8th of October’20…Read More

I miss my school video

March 16, 2020- a day that turned the world of the Indians upside down, a day that marked the beginning…Read More

Webinar October 2020

Pathways/Options for Students to Pursue after Class 10 Webinar…Read More

MBIS-Proud Moment

As per Times School Survey Ranking on 29 October 2020…Read More

Primary Diwali and Children's Day Celebration

On the 6th of November’20, the students of primary section celebrated Diwali and Children’s Day virtually…Read More

Pre-Primary Diwali and Children's Day Celebration

The teachers and students of the Pre-Primary section of MBIS, celebrated Diwali and Children’s Day…Read More

Read More

Nursery- Square Activity

On Tuesday, 27th October’2020, our curious Nursery students…Read More

Grade 3 AOI Activity November 2020

Art is a form that reveals a person’s inner self…Read More

Sr.Kg AOI Activities November 2020

Senior kg students learning days of the week with a secret code method…Read More Activity November 2020

Junior KG students learning 2 letter sight words in a play way method….Read More

Dussehra celebration - Pre primary

Pre primary students had their virtual Dussehra celebration on Friday…Read More

Inter school Hindi poem recitation competition.

On 19th September 2020,Yash Sharma Grade 8…Read More

Science – Volcano activity

Grade 1 students are learning about rocks in Science…Read More


Students of Grade 9,10,11 and 12 appeared…Read More


Students of Grade 6,7 and 8 appeared…Read More

Grade 1 AOI Activity On Island And Oceans

“Learning By Doing”…Read More

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