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Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

On 31st August, 2020 ‘Hogwarts Digital Escape Room’ – challenge was organised as a team activity from Grade 7 to 12….Read More

Jr.KG Activity

On Thursday, 17th September ’20 Jr Kg students learnt identification of number names and numbers through an activity….Read More

Parentime Webinar

Webinar by MBIS in collaboration with the Paretime on “How To Turn Fussy / Picky Eaters Into Happy Eaters” with focus on children….Read More

Master Class Series

Ms Princy Jain, Senior Journalist who formerly worked with Hindustan Times….Read More

Yoga Asanas- Pre-primary to Secondary

Sun Salutation and Pranayam by Preprimary and Primary….Read More

Grade 7 Hindi Activity

Students learnt human values and moral behavior through the ‘Kabirdas ke dohe and Tulsidaas ki chaupaiyaan”….Read More

Investiture Ceremony & Founders Day

On 18th of August, 2020 Mainadevi Bajaj International School celebrated its Investiture Ceremony and its Founder’s Day….Read More

Grade 8 Art Activity

The world being blanketed by the thick clouds of Coronavirus, questions about its nature and character are bound to arise in the inquisitive minds of our young learners….Read More

Hindi Diwas Celebration Grade 6 to Grade 12

Virtual Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 14th September 2020. Students from grade 6 to 12 participated in different activities….Read More

Grade 9 Hindi Activity

On Monday, 7th September 20′ Grade 9 students had written and presented an article in Hindi on ‘Corona ka Samajik prabhav’….Read Mor

Jr.Kg Activity 'Let's talk on Seasons'

Junior KG students on Wednesday, 9th September 20 had a session on ‘Let’s talk on Seasons’….Read More

Nursery AOI Community helpers- (teacher and doctor)

Little Nursery learners are exploring different Community Helpers in the subject AOI….Read More

Grade 8 Art assignments on Gond Art

Students of Grade 8 made some insightful discoveries while working on their Art assignments on Gond Art….Read More

Ganpati Activity Grade 2,3,4 & 5

Grains and pulses adorned the image by the students of grade 3….Read More



Career Counselling Session

RMCC (the in-house counselling department within RSET) conducted an exclusive career counselling….Read More

Grade 2 Riddle Activity

Every riddle has one perfect answer….Read More

Nursery first AOI ``All About Me``

The little enquirers of Nursery through the topic “All about me” in AOI learnt more about themselves and their family….Read More

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