1. SOF Olympiad

  1. Devashri Gunaseelan Grade 6 has made MBIS proud by securing 8th International rank in SOF English Olympiad. She has received gifts worth Rs. 500 and a medal and certificate of distinction for the same.
  1. Hazel D’cruz of Grade 3 has brought laurels to the school by securing Class rank 1 in SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad, SOF International English Olympiad, SOF National Science Olympiad and SOF International Mathematics Olympiad. She has received Gold Medals of Excellence and Certificate of School Excellence for the same.
  1. MaRRs Spell Bee

Grade 3 Aadya Shrivastava has once again made all of us proud. She secured 5th rank in the International Championship of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee competition.


Creative and imaginative minds of MBIS demonstrated a burst of energy at Trashion Pe Fashion which focussed on bringing an understanding among the children about preserving the environment by reusing and recycling waste material. The event was also a platform to reach out to young,needy girls for creating an awareness of menstrual hygiene through Project Dignity.

Hazel D’Cruz-Grade 3 and Tamanna Vijayan -Grade 12 participated in this event and were appreciated for their style,confidence and empathy.