Digital Literacy requires critical thinking skills, an awareness of the necessary standards of behaviour expected in online environments and an understanding of the shared social issues created by digital technologies.


The ICT lab is a multipurpose technology and collaborative workspace located at MBIS where we focus on developing the digital skills of our students through Basic Computer Literacy, the Ability to Backup, Experience of Online Project work and Social Networking skills.


In order to nurture the creativity of the students at an early age, we introduce ICT at the Junior KG level progressing up to Grade 12.


To make sure that the students are equipped with the right digital skills, every grade has a pre-defined ICT curriculum which the child has to master by the time she completes that academic year.


Knowledge of Basic and Advanced features of the Drawing Application, Document Production, Data Analysis, Data Manipulation, Presentations and Website Authoring are the key features of the Middle and High School curriculum.


Online research skills are crucial for students at the IBDP level. Besides understanding how to use search engines, identify legitimate resources, fact–check information and citing online sources in papers is emphasized through digital as well as social networking skills. After all, these virtual classroom etiquettes help the child beyond high school.


The MBIS ICT lab not only limits itself to the standard academic curriculum but also caters to the needs of the students who are interested in pursuing their Graphic Design Skills. We partner with ‘Giant Wheel’, which specializes in training students for Web Designing, 3D animation, Graphics and Visualization.


The lab is dedicated to meeting the teaching, learning and research needs of the staff and students for various academic activities like term-end culminations, Annual Day backdrops and sound editing, art festival presentations, teacher training programs and much more.

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