Annual Sports Meet

Annual Sports Meet

Renowned swimmer Michael Phelps once stated, “You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles, doubters, and mistakes. But with hard work, belief, confidence, and trust in yourself and others, there are no limits.”

In line with this philosophy, MBIS warmly welcomed Mr. Sinisa Jelic, a UEFA PRO Licence Instructor and Technical Committee Member of the Serbia Football Federation, and former National Coach of Serbia. He graciously conducted a three-day skills training workshop for MBIS students, praising the school’s balance between academic and sports education.

The event featured a grand opening ceremony with the hoisting of the school flag and the unveiling of the sports theme “Race to the Future – Igniting Speed and Fun.”

Below are the other events-

  • Torch Bearers’ Run:
    The Torch Bearers’ Run ignited the event, symbolising unity and sportsmanship as participants carried the symbolic flame, setting the stage for a day filled with energy and camaraderie.
  • Oath-Taking Ceremony:
    The solemn oath-taking ceremony emphasised the commitment to fair play and excellence, with sports heads pledging their dedication to the principles of integrity and spirited competition.
  • Placement of House Flags:
    The placement of house flags became a visual spectacle, symbolising the convergence of individual talents into a collective spirit of friendly competition, as each house proudly displayed its distinctive colours and emblem.
  • Various Races:
    The races, including the rapid 80m, 100m, and 200m sprints, along with mixed relays, showcased not just speed and agility but also teamwork, turning each race into a thrilling display of athletic prowess and determination.
  • Martial Arts and Yoga Displays:
    The martial arts and yoga displays added a touch of grace and discipline, highlighting the fusion of physical prowess and mental focus, promoting holistic well-being among the participants and spectators.
  • Parents’ Race:
    The parents’ race injected laughter and enthusiasm, fostering a sense of community involvement as parents took to the track, embodying the event’s inclusive spirit and reinforcing the connection between families and the school.
  • Closing Ceremony and Awards:
    The closing ceremony featured the announcement of the best athletes and houses, recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions. The Closing ceremony entailed the handing over of the School Flag to our Principal by our Sports teachers and ended on a patriotic note with the National Anthem, leaving participants with a sense of pride and accomplishment before the dispersal. The event concluded with our Principal,Dr Padmajaa S Kutty declaring the Annual Sports Meet 2023 closed