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Mainadevi Bajaj International School is a IB School situated in Malad Mumbai. We offer IGCSE-CIE syllabus / curriculum administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations in Mumbai. IGCSE-CIE Programme (grades 9 & 10), administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), is firmly established and recognized world-wide. Students in over 160 countries pursue the CIE qualifications. The IGCSE curriculum emphasizes the development of habits of critical enquiry and individual research and encourages a problem-solving approach - applying what one has learnt. Assessment for Cambridge IGCSE includes written and oral tests, coursework and practical assessment. Schools have the option of assessing learners using only external examinations or, in most subjects, combining examinations with coursework. Coursework is set and marked by the teacher and externally moderated by Cambridge. To know more about IB Schools in Malad, contact us at administrator@mbis.org.in

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For admissions, please call our Admissions Officer at
or email us at admissions@mbis.org.in.

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Rajasthani Sammelan
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Mainadevi Bajaj International School
Rajasthani Sammelan Campus,
S V Road, Opp Bajaj Hall,
Malad (W)
, Mumbai - 400 064,
Maharashtra, India.

Admission Inquiry
Telephone : +91 900 4444 081 / +91 22 66812312
Email : admissions@mbis.org.in
Email : administrator@mbis.org.in