Parent’s Feedback

I am Anushka (grade 2) and Ansh (grade 7) Mom. It’s a heartfelt thank you to all the teachers for all the efforts, dedication and courage. I can see that online classes are a great help and also keeping them engaged, up to date and helping them in continuous learning. Once again, many thanks and I wish lots of blessings for you all!
Please stay healthy and take care of yourselves! Kids adore you all!
Thanks & warm wishes!

Parent Name: Mamta & Ajeet Pokharna

Child Name: Anushka & Ansh Pokharna (Grade 2 & 7)

Ashish and I are extremely thankful to Prachi Maam, Kalpana Maam, Nisha Maam, Himmat Sir, Ankesh Sir and Adventure Tour volunteers for taking such good care of all the kids during 5 days of Ooty trip. Inclusion of Botanical Garden and Mysore Palace in the itinerary was a pleasant surprise for us. Kids will cherish the wonderful experience throughout their lives. Actually, all these memories make school life so special.

Parent Name: Rupali and Ashish Khanvilkar

Child Name: Ojal Khanvilkar (Grade 6)

Its an honour to convey a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ from all of us mothers to all of you as well as Didis for the efforts taken, caring for and handling so many kids and giving them a wonderful experience which they and we will forever remember and cherish. We are also grateful for the continuous feedback we received in the form of photos and location notices, which served in no small measure to assuage anxiety of the first timer Moms. The sensitivity in this regard is greatly appreciated. May God bless all of you and the school.

Parent Name: Sunita Shetty (PTA member -Grade II)

Child Name: Revant Shetty (Grade 2)

This mail is to thank each one of you who is worked so hard, each day in order to bring the best out of our MBIS school. Teachers are taking great efforts and concern for each child to excel in their academies as well as in the other activities. Recently our children had gone for the wonderful school trip to Ootty which was in itself such a great experience for my son. He is back with beautiful memories for his life times, making new friends, learning new life skills, growing up with friends, making deeper friendship with peers, and there is so much I can add on to it. Thank you so much for organising a wonderful holiday for the children. I would like to thank each teacher who accompanied the children on this trip and the teachers who were working behind the scenes to make this trip a success…Looking forward to more such trip in the next few years.Gratitude to each one of you all.Teachers are truly inspirations .Thank you once again.

Parent Name: Shruti Lath

Child Name: Hryday Lath (Grade 7)

Ojal was literally bubbling with excitement and information when she walked out of school today. Appreciation for giving kids the opportunity to watch live, with prior briefing by Grade 11 student.Please give my thanks to that student too.

Let’s hope we get to watch the next 2 successful steps(2nd and 6th Sept respectively).

Parent Name: Rupali Khanvilkar

Child Name: Ojal Khanvilkar (Grade 6)

I would like to thank the school for organizing this fun learning activity for us. It achieved it’s purpose on multiple fronts –

1. I, as a parent, got to know how well my child has grasped some of the fundamental language concepts.
2. My child was thrilled to see me at school and excited to work on the games with me.
3. It gave us an opportunity to interact and have a fun time with other parents.
4. Last, but not least – it taught me a few things about the language that I did not know!
Good job done on the concept and organization.

Parent Name: Anupama Rao

Child Name: (Grade 2)

Thanks a ton for organizing this super fun language fest. Enjoyed it totally..!! Special kudos to you teachers for coming up with these amazing concepts and cut outs making concepts so lively and full of fun..!! Can very well see the tremendous amount of efforts put in each and every activity..!!
Even the efforts taken by grade 5 students in explaining each and every game to us & to the kids were amazing..!!
Really loved singing nursery rhymes in between the games..!!
Thanks MBIS for always coming up with creative ways to get us parents involved in our kid’s schoolie life..!! Can never be enough thankful to you team MBIS..!!

Parent Name: Amrita Engineer

Child Name: Ansh Engineer (Grade 1)

The parents of grade 1 appreciate the hard work and efforts that the teachers have put into the online classes. It cannot be easy to handle so many 6-year olds on an online platform as they transition from to the first grade. The teachers are doing a fabulous job with giving each child a turn to speak and awarding smileys for good behaviour. They are telling them stories and making attractive slides and placards for the kids.

Parent Name: Zinal Savla

Child Name: Dhwaj Savla (Grade 1)

Would like to appreciate and applaud, the entire team of MBIS for doing such a stupendous job. The team has been proactive, efficient and farsighted in providing a great learning experience for students at home.
Well done!

Parent Name: Nidhi D’souza

Child Name: Aryan D’souza (Grade 10)

I am Deepti, mother of 3rd grade student Prithvee, writing in regards to the Silvassa excursion. I really appreciate the plan, arrangements and care shown towards kids. Kids especially Prithvee had fun and enjoyed a lot. He shared how kids were helped and guided throughout the trip. I really appreciate and thanks to all teachers, didis, support staff and adventure escorts for making it playful and memorable to the kids.

Parent Name: Deepti Prashant

Child Name: Prithivee Prashant (Grade 3)

Our Director, all our Teachers, the support staff, and each, and everyone of you involved in organising the Silvassa trip, and excursion, for Grades 1-5 on 20th-21st February, please do accept this Thank you note, on behalf of all the parents whose children were part of this fabulous trip. No doubt, it showed excellent planning, and even better execution! The travel, the accommodation, the food, the excursions, and activities, were all to the point. Our children have indeed had a wonderful experience, and it will definitely go a long way in contributing towards their personality development, and add to their sense of Independence. The regular updates on WhatsApp, accompanied by photographs, were a boon for all of us, as we almost had all updates, as good as in real-time! We can only imagine the amount of hard work you all must have had to put in organising the whole trip, not to forget the time away from your own families that you invested in taking care of our little ones. I am sure our children would already be in planning mode for next year’s trip!

Parent Name: Kalindi Badola (PTA member – Grade I)

Child Name: Devika Venkatachalam (Grade 1)

This is with regards to the Ooty trip that Shannen had recently been to…My sincere thanks to all the teachers who had taken efforts to accompany the children for trip ….Many thanks to you as well for coordinating with us… and keeping us connected throughout…My special thanks to you as well as the tour coordinators to make sure that there was something that Shannen could have in all the meals… The entire tour was very well organised…Thank you all once again..

Parent Name: Leeza D’souza

Child Name: Shannen D’souza (Grade 9)

Congratulations on another superb day! Once again it was great to see the enthusiastic kids of M.B.I.S. I really loved the interaction with the students and watching their little faces light up as each of them explained their project.
Thanks to all the teachers, who puts in so much effort to make an event successful.
I hope it just keeps getting better and better each year.
Thanking you

Parent Name: Alpa Bubna

Child Name: Sia Bubna, Ved Bubna (Grade 8, 6)

At the onset, please accept my sincere apologies for sending in this mail earlier, post committing to do the same.
Let me begin by congratulating you for the Wonderful English Language Fest, that was conducted at the School.
In our daily work lives, where we are surrounded by Meetings, Conference calls and Vendor meets, wherein we work so hard in ensuring that we do complete justice to our Jobs, we forget the little Joys of Living.
That day I learnt, something very important, “Price less memories are created by those little moments, spent with your little one” and tomorrow, when my little bird has flown away, these memories are what would bring a smile on my face”
So here’s too you for helping me create one more sweet memory

Parent Name: Anoop tawde

Child Name: Vania Tawde (Grade 3)

I attended our school language festival I enjoyed it a lot
This is the best way to show parents that children r learning so much
I will appreciate if some more festivals like this one are conducted
Thanks once again

Parent Name: Madhu Agarwal

Child Name: Diya Agarwal (Grade 1)

Kabir has been receiving his sheets and doing them regularly. Thank you for sending the sheets as fun activities. Also, your regular follow up with the PTA rep is highly appreciated. I would like to especially thank you for including the advanced learner worksheets.

Parent Name: Shelika Nehete

Child Name: Kyra Nehete (Sr.KG)

Thank You for your kind words for Aadya. Initially I had my doubts about online learning but now I feel this is the best way in current situation. Also, you teachers are taking lot of additional efforts for our kids learning. Its commendable. Specially you conduct class very well and make sure kids understand concepts in seamless manner. Hope your continuous encouragement to Aadya so that she continues doing well.

Parent Name: Shweta Shrivastava

Child Name: Aadya Shrivastava (Grade 1)

Thank you for the warm welcome. Thiru enjoyed the first day of school. He was impressed by the teachers and students behavior with him. He loves the school so much. He greatly enjoyed all the session he had today. I am so grateful that he had been placed in a fantastic school with polite students and lovely team of staff.

Parent Name: Brinda

Child Name: Thirukumaran (Grade 8)

This email is purely intended to convey the honest and heartfelt thanks for playing a vital role in the grooming of my ward Viraj Sawant. I would give overall credit to his teachers for the way they have sharpened Viraj’s skills. As a parent I feel great to acknowledge that Viraj’s vocabulary has increased and has been sounding more confident now. Many thanks for your support and encouragement to Viraj.

Parent Name: Smita Parkar

Child Name: Viraj Parkar (Grade 1)

Me as a parent of Anaya Karedia would like you to thank you for organizing such an amazing trip. She enjoyed a lot and also she said that you took care of her and was appreciating you. The food provided to them was also delicious. I’m grateful to you for taking care of my child. It was an memorable trip to remember.
My regards to MBIS team as well for being patient and so cooperative.

Parent Name: Mrs. Karedia

Child Name: Anaya Karedia (Grade 1)

I, Swati Maheshwari mother of Krishiv Maheshwari of Grade 6, would like to thank the entire team of MBIS involved in organising the trip, it was very well organised/planned and the kids enjoyed a lot. I would like to give special thanks to Nisha Madam & Prachi Madam as they gave moral support to Krishiv when he had fallen sick during the trip & they really took great care of him & even I felt stress free because they were giving constant updates of his health.

Parent Name: Swati Maheshwari

Child Name: Krishiv Maheshwari (Grade 6)

I am emailing to show my genuine appreciation for the points that have been raised below.
I personally come from a very “average” school in a small town and the issues you are bringing to the notice of the parents were not even treated as “issues” where I studied. This just shows how thoughtful and well-meaning the culture of the school is, flowing from top to bottom.
At this stage, I would also personally like to thank the physical education teachers- Ms Shruti Sawant & the male teacher (I am sorry I don’t recollect his name) for taking good care of the students and teaching them with enthusiasm as told to me by my son Mahiman.
I feel this is the right opportunity to tell you all that I am deeply satisfied to see your hard work and dedication. Many thanks!

Parent Name: Manan Vaishnav

Child Name: Mahiman Vaishnav (Grade 5)

Would like to take this opportunity to say a big big Thank You for all your efforts and hard work for the children.
I see so much of development in Hridaya in all areas which is why I know how much effort is being put by all of you.
Thank you again!

Parent Name: Pooja Baid

Child Name: Hridaya Baid (Nursery)

Congratulations on the very first TEDx @ MBIS. I attended the session remotly and found is very interesting. As part of my profession I do attend and speak at a number of Industry events, I have to say the TEDx Youth @ MBIS matched the organisation, content and professionalism.
Very glad to see this initiative. Do let me know if you need any support on this. I would love to actively participate.
Congratulations on great job.

Parent Name: Dhaval Dave

Child Name: Vidhi Dave (Grade 8)