MBIS Celebrates its Annual Sports Day

MBIS Celebrates its Annual Sports Day

At Mainadevi Bajaj International school we give balanced importance to academics and to co-curricular activities and that is the reason why we say that this Academics+ gives our students an edge over other international schools.

Today is our school’s Annual Sports Day and the whole institute has been galvanized to ensure that it is held with pomp, splendour and the right spirit of healthy competition.

The adage that `A healthy mind resides in a healthy body might be clichéd and may have been done to death, but the gem of wisdom that hides within it has held true over the ages. From Grade 12 down to our Nursery class we give importance to activity. Activity is also a part of the IB’s core, which is made up of Creativity, Activity and Service.

While a Sports Day in itself is important, Activity cannot be a one-day affair in an international school that seeks to offer a holistic experience to its students. Keeping this in mind our students, across the school, have regular Physical Education classes where they go through exercise drills and acquire expertise in sports such as basketball, table tennis, football, cricket and badminton. For those who want to reach higher levels in these sports, we also conduct after-school training by recognized coaches.

In addition to the PE classes, our students do yoga on a regular basis to attain a quiet and focused approach to life. With the intention of allowing our students to explore the artistic dimensions in their lives, we expose them to different forms of music, dance and theatre. Martial Arts, which have the potential to hone our bodies to perfection, is also a part of the school’s co-curricular activities.

On the sports day, students compete in different disciplines that include track and field events such as sprints, flat races, hurdles, shot put and long jump as well as fun races and tug of war. Our parents are as enthusiastic as the students and a large number of them participate in the events scheduled for them on Sports Day.

It is not only an event that is enjoyed by one and all but makes a statement on behalf of this boutique schools that places every child at the heart of its educational programme.