Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message


Dear Parents and Students,


Thank you for collaborating with us in our journey of growth. Your school has been ranked No. 1 in zone D and ranked as the 5th Best International School in Mumbai as per Times School Survey 2021.


We are journeying through a time when boundaries are shrinking and the world is turning into a global village. Our young generation faces unique challenges and opportunities in this global environment. It’s about being prepared to face challenges and competition from across the world. It’s about an understanding of the international scenario, globalization and recognizing one’s opportunity in their midst.


To prepare our young generation to face such challenges, we at Mainadevi Bajaj International School, have designed a high quality balanced educational programme which will make the student “international” in the true sense. The school will allow each student to develop his/her whole being in all areas; academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social to his/her potential. One of our prime purposes is to develop an international outlook while imbibing local traditions and culture. To enable such progress we have specially trained teachers, a structured syllabus and state-of-the-art infrastructure that would provide the student with the impetus to be a dedicated learner and a compassionate thinker.


Though there is no shortcut to the dedication, perseverance and hard work to achieve success, it will be our aim to develop a student without undue pressure of studies by following a systematic and consistent approach and taking special care of his/her physical and mental well being through specially designed sports & cultural activities.


We at Mainadevi Bajaj International School of Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust Malad, Mumbai look forward to grooming our future generation, the young minds that will create a global community of visionaries and achievers.


With best wishes,

Ashok M. Saraf

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