Importance Of Technology In Education

Importance Of Technology In Education

Technology has been a great enabler across verticals. It provides techniques and tools to solve problems/ challenges we face thereby making life easier and also more secure.

Education is the most basic field where a child’s journey begins as a student, hence the flow and exchange of information enables accelerated learning, also provides opportunities to learn and have fun. It also inculcates interactive learning and provides opportunities for differentiation as well. Therefore, technology provides a reliable platform for teachers to impart education through seamless communication to students. Modern-day Information Technology helps teachers to remain updated and relevant with the latest developments thus becoming proficient and continue to effectively impart learning to students.

Technological excellence is driven by information, which in today’s parlance is the most precious commodity, the institutions, and the organizations that own quality information (data) all over the world are in a position to maximize the utilization of information in training, business development, thus increase human capital, and improving the quality of life. Hence it is also commonly said “Information is a new Oil’.

It is a well-known universal fact that quality education is the most important attribute for the overall development of the new generation, who in turn will have the intellectual edge in the competitive global scenario for themselves and become the catalyst in propelling the country to become an economically developed nation.

The pandemic also led to a realisation of the critical role technology plays to ensure teaching-learning continues despite students not physically being on the campus. There can be no better use case or example to demonstrate how the world has continued to move on with help of technology.

Lastly, though the vast advantages of technology have proved a boon for the people, at the same time it has some inherent negative attributes too. Unscrupulous elements rampantly misuse technology. This is where digital citizenship and online safety courses for students can really help to keep students safe and also ensure that they use technology in the right/ethical way. These vital life skills are essential for children to harness the potential of technology to the fullest for learning and for university and career readiness.