Journey of MISA Synergy 2020-21

Journey of MISA Synergy 2020-21

And because it’s not about the goal. It’s about the journey

Students of Grade 4 participated in the MISA Synergy 2020-21, a Science educational event for Cambridge schools. The topic for the event was ‘Technology to serve health needs in a cost-efficient way and enhance outcomes.’

The event brought together the Primary teachers and the four students (Prithvee Prashant, Anaaya Nayak, Devishri Gunaseelan and  Pulkit Naik) to create the idea for an app ’Bed on Go’ a mobile-based app that would help find vacant beds in the hospital nearest to you.

The journey began with the following steps:…

  • Brainstorming on how to create the app and present it to the judges
  • Breaking it down to the last detail
  • Carving out time after regular periods to reach physical school to discuss and understand what each participant would explain
  • Creating the 3D app
  • Learning how and what to explain
  • Celebrating the progress and enjoying the journey as the video was shot
  • Entering the Finals
  • Coming together on Google Meet on Friday evening to discuss what questions could be expected from the judges
  • Reaching school an hour before the final presentation with a lot of butterflies in everyone’s stomach
  • Entering the room for the final presentation
  • Waiting anxiously for the results
  • Jumping with joy when it was announced that MBIS had won in the category- Best Applicability and Cost-Effectiveness

Science educational event for Cambridge schoolsWe are proud of the way our 4th graders answered the judges demonstrating that not only they could think on their feet but also gave smart answers

1. Why did you make this project?

Ans: We made this app because people can find beds in critical situations and time is of great essence.

2. What is the cost of your app?

Ans: The cost is money for the coders to decide.

3. What is the profit for your app?

Ans: Our app is a non-profit app. It is for the good of mankind.

4. What will hospitals gain? Why will they share their data with you?

Ans: When people book beds all the profits will be given to the hospitals.

(The judges praised this answer.)

5. Is there any other app like this?

Ans: The BMC has an app for covid patients, but there is no app like this.

The above answers tell us that our students learnt a lot during the making of the app. They were already winners as they had a successful journey. The fact that they emerged as winners was the cherry on the cake.

And as Arthur Ashe said “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”—and we couldn’t agree more.

MISA Synergy 2020-21 Winning Project